• Environmental Acoustic Measurements

    Environmental Acoustic Measurements

    We perform vibroacoustic measurements with Type 1 sound level meters 01dB ACOEM brand according to local legal procedure, we offer construction acoustics consultancies and engineering that guarantee the reduction of noise and vibrations to comply with the levels established in local or international regulations.

  • Noise Maps Of Any Type Of Venue Or Population

    Noise Maps Of Any Type Of Venue Or Population

    We offer 3D noise maps made with CadnaA and CadnaR software from Datakustik, the leading software for the calculation, presentation, evaluation and prediction of ambient noise and interior enclosures.

    • Noise Map for Cities. Technical, environmental and social analysis, compatible with ArcGIS.
    • Acoustic Consulting for urban planning: of land uses, analysis and intervention.
    • Noise map for civil works and projects that are worth an environmental impact study.
    • Noise map for industrial plants in design stage, environmental impact study.
    • Noise map for means of transport, such as routes, bridges, trains, subways and air transport.
    • Noise map for analysis of current situation or mitigation of noise sources in establishments that are already in operation.
  • Monitoring Of Noise And Vibrations

    Monitoring Of Noise And Vibrations


    Local elected representatives face complex situations caused by the interaction of several sources of urban noise, including commercial, industrial, road, rail and air transport noise. According to this directive, strategic decisions are made on the basis of action plans.


    Installing of a monitoring device for noise and vibration levels allows managing the impact of construction works by:

    • Complying with the requirements of the Public Health Code that sanctions the lack of appropriate precautions to limit noise and abnormally noisy behavior.
    • Controlling the noise and annoying vibrations in the interest of the comfort of local residents, allowing construction companies to adopt a logic of transparency and communication with local residents, to make them adhere to the project instead of opposing them.
    • Presenting reliable data to the contracting part.

    Industrial sites are required to respect the regulations that limit the sound and vibration levels in their perimeter and with respect to third parties. Taking measurements at intervals remains one of the most widely used methods to evaluate the noise and vibration levels of these sites.

    However, to manage their impact on the environment, the industrial sector and its service providers (inspection departments, acoustics specialists, etc.) need additional technical solutions to:

    • Evaluate noise levels when creating or expanding a site.
    • Measure the compliance of a site with the requirements over time, instead of doing it at intervals.
    • Look for technical solutions to reduce noise and predict the efficiency of such solutions.
    • Supervise the development of the initiatives that have been implemented.
    • Communicate with local residents about corrective actions taken and progress made.

    Air traffic is a source of various forms of disturbance to the surrounding area, including, in particular, noise pollution. Local residents in the vicinity of an airport are the most affected and are well aware of the flight routes of aircraft and the impact on their daily living conditions.

  • Training, Updates And Implementation Of ACOEM And DATAKUSTIK Systems

    Training, Updates And Implementation Of ACOEM And DATAKUSTIK Systems

    We provide training, updates and implement systems in laboratories and consulting companies.

    • 01dB ACOEM, specialized in the development of noise and vibration evaluation and monitoring products. (Sound level meters, Dosimeters, software, etc)
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    • DATAKUSTIK, leading software developer for noise prediction and acoustic design (CadnaA, CadnaR, Bastian)
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